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       SPRING is HERE.....and Summer's right around the corner!      

  • Current hours: Open Weds. - Friday around 5pm. Saturday & Sunday around 2pm. Follow us on Facebook/Website or/and Twitter (@margeslakeside)
  • Frozen Drinks are up and running (Yum!) and The Tipsea Tiki is ready for nice weather!  New apparel arriving soon! 
  • MARK YOUR CALENDARS for our MEMORIAL DAY SHOTS & HOTS PARTY w/Music by: JUMBO SHRIMP.  Monday, May 25th! Open around 2pm....music 4-8pm.
  • We are OPEN YEAR ROUND....MEANING "No, we don't close in the Winter!" 
  • Marge's sippy wine cups, gift cards (any amount) AND NEW wine glasses are available at the bar. Gift cards are also available for purchase by just clicking the shopping cart button at the top of this page!
  • We have once again updated our list of beers and have a couple seasonal craft beers in, so come check them out! 
  • Watch for impromptu "fun" via our Mailing list (be sure to subscribe and I promise I'll be better at reminders) or/and on Facebook.  
  • Inquire about having your next party at Marge's.  
  • Feel free to contact us (click on the envelope bottle cap) with any questions. Use the contact us link or email us at mlsi@margeslakesideinn.com