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       It's FINALLY "Spring"......          

  • As soon as Mother Nature catches up with the calendar and the weather improves, we'll expand our hours, so stay tuned to Facebook or check back to stay up to date.
  • We've completed our music calendar for the Summer, so be sure to mark you calendars for your favorites.
  • We have updated our list of beers and have several fun, craft beers in, so come check them out!
  • "Not so SHOCKING" MARGE'S NEWS (because it'll almost be a year now)....we now accept credit cards!!  I know, it's totally living on the edge for us.  
  • Watch for impromptu "fun" via our Mailing list (be sure to subscribe and I promise I'll be better at reminders) or/and on Facebook.  
  • Waaayyy behind on updating the birthday part of our website. For now, I guess you'll have to stop in to see who's birthday is on deck.  
  • Reminder: There is no beach/water entry to Marge's.
  • Inquire about having your next party at Marge's.  
  • Feel free to contact us (click on the envelope bottle cap) with any questions. Use the contact us link or email us at mlsi@margeslakesideinn.com